Woman Finally Reveals Her 17 Tattoos To Her Very Conservative Parents (Video)

Maggie has 17 tattoos and two conservative Christian parents who, for the past 12 years, were entirely unaware of her body art.

She reached out to Bianca Giaever, the host of the “This American Life” viral series “Videos 4 U,” to help her break the news to her mom and dad, Linda and Randy.

Giaever enlisted a pastor and a gospel chorus to help her along the journey, and Maggie worried if her parents had the grace to accept her for her true self.

Of her parents' strict religious beliefs, Maggie told Giaever,

I remember, when I was little, I remember saying, ‘God wants me to be happy,’ and my parents said, ‘No, he wants you to obey him. He doesn’t care if you’re happy.’

When "TAM" flew Maggie out to Colorado to play the video for her parents, Linda and Randy saw the video, but refused to be filmed. So, Maggie recounted her parents' interaction for Giaever.

Watch the full video below to hear how Linda and Randy reacted, and enjoy the stomach-churning anxiety that comes with the hunt for parental acceptance.