Woman Found A Python Eating Her Dog, So Don't Hate On Your Cramped City Life

Guys, I just witnessed something scarier than knife-wielding clowns and Donald Trump combined, and I think I'm scarred for life.

It was this video of a python eating an innocent dog, and my mental stability is currently destroyed.

I can't even imagine waking up to the absolute terror of my furry best friend being engulfed by a snake. In fact, I'm not sure if I'd cry hysterically, pass out or try to save him.

PSH, who am I kidding? I'd be passed out on the floor in seconds.

But, living in New York City, I don't have to worry about such a nightmare. My dogs are safe and sound lounging on the sofas of my parents' home in New Jersey, where pythons do not live.

Unfortunately, Klomphan Khiewwan of Thailand was not so lucky.

According to The Lab Bible, Khiewwan woke up at 3 am to a python with its jaws wrapped around her dog, Fino.

She had heard her pooch in the beginning of the night, but remained sleeping, oblivious to the fact that her dog was being eaten by a snake.

When the harsh reality hit that a python was wrapped around her pride and joy, she called Ruamkatanyu Foundation, a volunteer rescue service, to help rescue Fino.

When they arrived, it was apparently too late. The alleged 6-meter long snake had already engulfed half of the pup's body.

UGH, POOR BABY. I'm crying for you, Klomphan.

Once the rescue service arrived, the snake was released back into the wild, leaving the dog owner heartbroken and completely distraught.

Apparently, dog-eating pythons aren't a "new" thing. Daily Mail reported in 2014 that a python devoured a Maltese-shih tzu in Australia, leaving another family pet-less.

Hopefully these "hangry" pythons realize that what they're doing is really fucked up. Leave the dogs alone, will you? Our hearts are breaking for their owners.