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Woman Pens Post After Girls At Gym Mock Her On Snapchat


Going to the gym can be incredibly intimidating.

The important thing to remember is people are rooting for you. They don't care you're not in the shape you used to be or if you're struggling.

For the most part, they want to help you succeed, and they're proud of you for showing up to better yourself and your health...

Unless they're assholes.

Reddit user southerndraw-er ran into a couple of jerks at the gym who were secretly taking photos of her and sending them in Snapchat.

Instead of ending her gym membership, she showed how fearless she was and called out the bullies.

She wrote,

Thousands of people reached out to support her.


Also, why are they wasting time on their phone bullying instead of working out?




Hopefully, this response to some incredibly hate-filled immature girls will inspire you to hit the gym, too.

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