This Woman Accidentally Photobombed A Celebrity And Got A Modeling Contract


If you're a major fan of miraculous dreams coming true on “The Princess Diaries” level, then Olajumoke Orisaguna's story will melt your heart with equal parts love and envy.

During a photo shoot with rapper Tinie Tempah in Lagos, Nigeria, photographer TY Bello was lining up a shot when local bread seller Orisaguna accidentally walked into the frame.

Bello posted the resulting snap on Instagram.

She captioned the photo, writing,

The rapper also shared a photo of the 27-year-old.

After followers began inquiring about the beauty, Bello suggested they help track her down via social media.

As usual, the power of the Internet knows no bounds, and Bello and the woman reconnected a week later for a photo shoot for the cover of Nigeria's THISDAY Style magazine.

The mother of two posed in elegant evening wear with her youngest child, 14-month-old Grace.

Director Ema Edosio documented the shoot in a short film.

In a clip, Bello said,

It's unlikely Orisaguna will sell any more loaves as she recently signed with Few Model Management to live the life most of us can only imagine.

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