Woman With MS Posts Inspiring Message After Rude Note Is Left On Her Car


Justine Van Den Borne can tell you first hand when you are diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, you have good days, and you have bad days.

When the disease is at its worst, it can be crippling. Those who suffer from it feel tremendous pain, keeping them from doing simple tasks like walking or even just sitting up straight.

But there are also good days.

Days where the pain is manageable and life can move on as if the disease, affecting the patient's central nervous system, isn't even there.

It was on one of these “good days” Justine was able to walk with her daughter without the aid of a wheelchair at the Mitcham Shopping Centre in Melbourne.

What should have been a much-needed simple and normal trip turned hostile, though, when Justine got back to her car and found a message someone left for her on the windshield.

The absurdly offensive and wildly ill-informed letter read,

Justine took this awful note and decided to turn it into a teaching moment through a Facebook post informing readers about the hidden struggles people with MS go through.

She finished off the post with a defiant statement. Justine wrote,

Maybe think twice before leaving random, angry notes on people's windshields next time.

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