This Woman Found Out She Was Having Triplets Days After Her Husband Died

Lately, Courtney Hill's life has been the definition of bittersweet.

On February 2, her husband, Navy veteran Brian Hill, died in a truck accident. When his wake occurred a few days later, Courtney took a pregnancy test and learned she was pregnant. A doctor later confirmed she would be having triplets.

The Green Oaks, Illinois resident, who is already mother to daughter Reagan, told FOX6,

I haven't had a chance to think what is really happening — and it's happening fast… I'm excited to have three more smiles that remind me of him.

Those of us looking to help support the Hill family during their time of loss and family planning can contribute to the GoFundMe account created by Courtney's sister Amanda.

On the donation page, Amanda wrote,

Courtney and Brian desperately wanted more children, and this was definitely a gift from above.

With luck, Courtney and Reagan will reach their goal of earning $50,000 in donations with the help of the people of the Internet before the triplets arrive.

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