Woman Perfectly Shuts Down Body Shamer Who Said She Shouldn't Buy A Bikini

by Taylor Ortega

Hello, welcome. Take a seat. Today, we will talk about customer service.

When you, an employee of a bathing suit store, are servicing the needs of a customer, presumably one looking to purchase a bathing suit, you do not say,

Girls like you shouldn't wear a bikini.

In the event your customer has a rare skin condition, in which even a minimal amount of sun exposure is deadly, this response suddenly becomes appropriate. Otherwise, it's pretty unacceptable.

Brighton resident and recent bathing suit purchaser Jess Portelli dealt with this precise brand of unadulterated rudeness while shopping for something to swim in last week, and it prompted her to share a dressing-room selfie.

The 24-year-old posted a photo of herself trying on a bikini, urging friends and followers to keep their hurtful judgements to themselves.

Let me tell you something, im happy with myself and my biiiigggg tummy with tiger stripes… but you could have said the same thing to the girl who finally got out there and had the courage to wear a bikini and you just killed her confidence with one stupid comment. You can be any size and look good!… Thank you for fat shaming me, thanks to you I got an awesome discount on my bikini.

Her post has since been shared over 1,800 times, with supporting comments pouring in from loved ones and complete strangers alike.

No matter what business you're in, keep judgy comments about other people's bodies out of the equation. It's just a part of good customer service / being a decent human being.

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