Woman Chases Down Apparent Racist Attacker On London Underground

A seemingly racist man had the audacity to punch a stranger in the face on the London Underground on Monday — but he didn't get away without a fight.

According to Metro, an unnamed woman who witnessed the disgraceful act of violence followed the crook off the train and chased him full-speed down the platform at the Upton Park station in London.

She's basically Wonder Woman in disguise, and we're swooning over her heroic behavior.

A bystander riding the tube caught the entire incident on video, and the footage is disturbing.

It shows an Asian man sitting down and minding his own business next to the woman who later becomes his knight in shining armor.

When the train comes to a halt, the criminal quickly approaches the seated man, forcefully punches him in the face and then runs off the train.


Without hesitation, the woman stands up, reaches for the criminal and then takes off after him while he sprints down the platform.

You go, girl!


Toward the end of the video, they disappear into the distance, and the man who was assaulted is caught jogging in their direction (I wouldn't doubt if he was still in shock).

Police have allegedly caught a 33-year-old man who they believe is the culprit to the racist attack.

Apparently, a spokesperson for British Transport Police spoke about the arrest and said,

A 33-year-old man has been arrested on suspicion of assault occasioning ABH and using threatening/abusive words/behavior or disorderly behavior likely to cause harassment, alarm or distress. He has been bailed until 14 November.

Thank goodness.

After a Londoner was attacked on her train ride Saturday night by a drunk man who pinned her against a window, we thought we'd seen the worst in the world of train violence.

Sadly, we were mistaken. Hopefully, there are more people out there as courageous as this woman was.

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