Woman Live-Tweets Drunk Man On Train Before He Shoves His Food In Her Mouth

A 22-year-old Londoner named Victoria Adams was minding her own business when a drunk man sitting next to her on a train shoved his food into her mouth.

She spoke with the Evening Standard about the unsettling ride and said that she was headed to Northampton on Saturday evening when the "rowdiest football fan" sat down next to her.

She live-tweeted the entire experience, which seemed innocent at first.


Apparently, the man tried to have a conversation with her, but Adams wasn't having it. She quickly put her headphones in and pretended to sleep.

But, she was able to catch a photo of his food, which was soon-to-be off his plate.



After deciding to ignore the man's bullshit by pretending to get some shut-eye, the chaos began.

Reportedly, the drunken man became enraged that Adams had no interest in speaking with him. He allegedly called her a "typical fucking Londoner," and proceeded to harass her.

When she refused to respond, he began tugging on her scarf and started shoving his food into her mouth.



Adams then explained how the situation worsened when a girl who was trying to help her was attacked by the drunken man. She said,

That was when a girl on the other side tried to help me and he was going crazy and screaming at her and then lunged at her, which was when other men stood up and pulled him off her.

Then, he allegedly pinned Adams against a window. Luckily, she was able to climb out and ran into a different carriage.


Other passengers who became terrified of the chaos also fled to different areas of the train.

According to the Evening Standard, riders who were scared left once they arrived at the next stop, and the British Transportation Police officers came to investigate.

A spokesman allegedly stated,

I can confirm that a passenger posted on Twitter about an assault and disorder on the 17.54 train from Euston to Northampton on Saturday.

Sheesh, talk about total chaos.

If I were Adams, I'd travel with a buddy for a while until the terror of this incident subsides.