Woman Turns Called-Off Wedding Into Amazing Party For Families In Need


What do you do when you call off your wedding, but your $8,000 deposit for the fancy hotel reception is nonrefundable?

Well, if you're me, you throw an awesome dance party for one, but if you're Yiru Sun, you throw a fancy luncheon for children from low-income families.

Yiru Sun, a single mother and vice president of New York Life Insurance Company, canceled her wedding two months before she was meant to get married.

The cancellation might have had something to do with a prenuptial disagreement, but you know, who knows? Sometimes people just don't want to get married, OK?

Anyway, the point is instead of canceling her nonrefundable reservation at the Harold Pratt House in the Upper East Side of Manhattan for the reception, Yiru decided to give other people a magical day.

She used the space to throw a party for New York City kids of low-income families, complete with fancy lunch, face painting, balloons and popsicles. And, Yiru even wore her wedding dress.

She told CBS New York,

Although I cannot be the princess of my wedding day, all these kids they can have the princess or prince feeling today and I felt very happy about that.

Yiru worked with The Salvation Army and Inwood House to find children in need who might appreciate an afternoon of glamour and luxury. You can see some of the musical performances from the luncheon in the video up top.

Shout-out to awesome ladies turning disappointing weddings into kick-ass charity events!

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