Woman Has Epic Response To Boss Saying 'Cultural Headscarf' Isn't Professional


Everyone, say hi to June J Rivas. (That's a great name, by the way.)

Her boss didn't approve of the headscarf she wore to work, so June complained about her. But the boss countered her harassment case by introducing a new dress code.

Within that dress code, there is a section that states that "cultural head wraps" are not acceptable in the workplace. True story.

Um, maybe the boss doesn't realize it's 2016 or something.

So, here's the deal: June moved her complaint up the ranks to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

She's still awaiting a response. Until then, she's fighting the new dress code with awesome cosplay. Every day, June's been coming into work dressed as a different character.

Take a look:


This little dress-up act must be getting expensive, but you can't put a price on a protest this hilarious.

June explained,

I have come to work each day in an outfit that fits the guidelines she laid out...just...not QUITE the way she expected. Hey, this is ME we're talking about here #‎NeverPissOffCosplayingScorpios‬.

Here's her Facebook post in full:

Never change, June.