Wife Makes Hilarious Instructional Lanyard For Helpless Husband On Vegas Trip

Taking your first solo vacay can definitely be nerve-wracking, even when you're a full-grown man.

I mean, a lot can go haywire when you're on a trip by yourself regardless of how old you are.

What if you get lost? More importantly, what if you can't decide on a food dish while dining alone?!

These dilemmas are REAL, people, and Kim Gip gets it.

Kim, a responsible mother and wife, was wary about her husband's first solo trip to Las Vegas last week and made sure that he wouldn't run into any problems.

According to MailOnline, Kim Gip made her husband of 23 years, Jim Gip, a hilarious lanyard necklace that had instructions for what to do if Jim looked "lost" during his solo adventure.

The entire notes reads,

My name is Jim. If I look lost, please call my wife, Kim Gip @ [phone number]. If I am at a restaurant just staring at the menu, please order me some sort of Asian food, especially white rice. I've never been away from my wife who does everything for me.

Sheesh, get out much, Jim?!

But really, the note is pretty great. Although Kim is poking fun at the fact that her hubby is isn't able to function without her, we get the adorable notion that the two are inseparable.

He looks pretty entertained by the necklace, right?


Well, whether or not Jim got the joke, we know that their son Brandon LOVED it.

He recently tweeted pictures of the cheeky note and his father with a caption explaining the reason behind it.


So far, it's gotten over 35,000 retweets, and people are gawking over the cuteness.

If that's isn't true love, then I don't know what is.

Hopefully, Jim didn't run into any problems that would have forced him to use his necklace in Vegas. But either way, it looks like he got his white rice.


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