Pumpkin Spice Flavored-Cough Drops Are Here To Make Your Colds Festive AF

Junk Banter

You're probably used to the standard menthol-infused cough drop flavors — you know, cherry, honey lemon, spearmint (aka the familiar options you've always had at the drugstore during a bout of sickly feels). Things, however, have gotten interesting in the cough drop aisle. One popular drugstore has capitalized on the collective PSL obsession and released a pumpkin spice version of their own lozenges. Keep reading to find out where to buy pumpkin spice-flavored cough drops, because you know you want to!

Where To Buy Pumpkin Spice Cough Drops

CVS Pharmacy is the drugstore #basic enough to introduce PSL-inspired medicine. Though it's not a flavor I'd immediately gravitate toward during a gnarly cold (I prefer intense, minty menthol to clear my airways), I can't deny my curiosity. What does pumpkin spice taste like when combined with the medicinal qualities one expects from a lozenge?

CVS' limited edition drops were spotted by popular junk food Instagram account Junk Banter. The account posted a close up of the packaging — which is fittingly orange and features a pumpkin and seasonal spices — on Friday, Sept. 1. It captioned the photo with an ode to the basic life, writing,

*Fakes cough* Omg I'm so sick. Once the menthol wares off these are actually pretty good. Side effects include an extreme affinity for leggings and a sudden urge to take a dressing room selfie.

Candy-scouting Instagram Candy Hunting (@CandyHunting) also shared a photo of the packaging on Sunday, Sept. 3, capturing most of my feelings re: PSL medicine in the caption. It read,

I'm pretty sure the sole reason why I've had a sore throat since Friday is that my immune system wants me to buy these CVS pumpkin spice cough drops. Well immune system, it's not happening. Menthol and pumpkin sound horrible together.

Yeah. While the inner me (the one obsessed with pumpkin spice everything) would love to have these in her medicine cabinet, I'm not so sure sick me would want to indulge. Regardless, I appreciate CVS' commitment to the festive flavors game.

CVS Pharmacy Pumpkin Spice Cough Drops are available nationwide and retail for $1.70, Cosmopolitan reports, should you want to experience the pumpkin spice and menthol combo IRL.