Can You Figure Out What's Wrong With This Photo Of A Couple Hugging?

Staring at an optical illusion is kind of like watching a scary movie; you're afraid you'll never look at white masks the same way again, but you're kind of down for the thrill of the mind f*ck.

This latest trippy photo of a couple hugging will send your brain into backflips as it's almost too surreal to untangle. At first glance, the photo appears like any standard vacation shot. The realization that something is clearly off, however, will have you doing a serious double take. And it's at that moment that the frantic search for whose legs and limbs are whose begins.

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It might take you all afternoon, but eventually you'll see it. If you're pressed for time, I can give you a hint: It's all in the two-toned shorts. Once you see the visual trickery, you can't un-see it, so take your time. Hopefully your brain doesn't hurt too much by the end of your psychological journey.

And if you're still stumped, you can always head over to Daily Mail where they lay it all out -- lest you lose actually your mind.

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