This Is What Everyone's Apparently Drunk Shopping For On Friday Nights

In news surprising to no one, drunk people are bad at holding on to their money.

Where is all their money going? Apparently, a lot of ladies get home from the bar on Friday nights and dig out the ole credit card for crazy expensive lingerie, dresses and shoes.

According to a report from Racked, a website called Lyst has statistics that show a significant number of online shopping orders are being placed around 2 am on Friday nights -- about 48 percent more orders than on Mondays at the same time.

And not only are people spending, they are spending BIG TIME. The average cost on those late Friday night orders goes up by about 40 percent after 1 am compared to that same time on Mondays.

Nothing good happens to your bank account after 1 am, people!

It's all about that fancy underwear when you may or may not be drunk. Evening lingerie sales go up by about 50 percent on Friday nights, with the average order running about $308. Dress sales also go way up, by about 320 percent when compared to Mondays, and shoe sales double.

Also, comparing Friday night shopping to Monday night shopping, the shoes being purchased cost 165 percent more, so I guess the drunk girls are going for the full ensemble.

Take it from me, ladies. You're going to regret those purchases when you're trying to buy groceries the next day. Just play it safe, and do what I do when you get home from the bar: Pass out fully clothed and wake up feeling awful at 6 am.

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