WTF Is Peach? Here's What You Need To Know About Everyone's New Favorite App

If Twitter's impending 10,000 character limit makes you want to switch to a new social media platform, you're in luck: Peach has arrived.

Peach, which launched on the Apple store Thursday, is a new microblogging social platform designed to keep you connected with friends in a new and seriously fun way.

Similar to Facebook, Peach allows you to “friend” people you know and post status updates to keep them apprised of your goings-on. Unlike Facebook, however, accessing and posting multimedia (like GIFs, videos, and music) does not require outsourcing to a second site — it can all be done directly through the app.

Via the interface, which looks similar to a text, you can post short statuses or enter “magic words” to automatically update your feed. Typing “here” will geo-tag your location and send it to friends, while writing “song” will share whatever you're listening to at the moment in an interactive player. There are currently 20 “magic words,” all with different functions — and more will likely be added as the app continues to surge in popularity.

Check out Peach, below, and download for free on the App Store.

Peach, which launched January 7, was created by the founder of Vine.

The app allows you to directly interact with friends through multimedia.

Use emojis to “hiss” at haters…

…or “put a ring” on your lover.

You can also draw pictures and post 'em…

…Update pals on what you're doing…

…And make really fun, silly graphics, all through the app's interface.

Plus, it's really freaking cute.

Learn more at and download on the App store.

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