I Tried Rainbow Unicorn Pizza And My Tastebuds Weren't Prepared For The Magic

Macy Daniela Martin

Picture this: swirls of colorful dough toasted to perfection, a smooth, creamy layer of icing, sprinkles of candy, and a pouf of Pop Rocks-dusted cotton candy.

That, my friends, is unicorn pizza -- and I got to try it.

Macy Daniela Martin

Known as Pop Candy Land Pizza at its birthplace, Industry Kitchen in New York City, the rainbow "pizza" is a masterpiece straight from the mind of Executive Chef Braulio Bunay. (He's also the genius behind the luxe $2,000 24K Pizza.)

"I want to see people feel something magical in their mouth," the Ecuador native says of his sugar-loaded creation.

At just $18 per pie, it's a surprisingly affordable indulgence when compared to its $2,000 counterpart -- and people have definitely been loving it.

Macy Daniela Martin

So with a stunning view of the East River in the background (did I mention Industry Kitchen is a trendy AF waterfront locale in the Financial District?), I took my highly-anticipated first bite.

It was magical.

My inner unicorn did a little jig to the tune of Pop Rocks hissing on my tongue.

I couldn't help but smile as the ingredients melted in my mouth. It was sweet, but not too sweet.

It delivered on all uni-counts, you guys.

Since I had Chef Bunay in front of me to chat about the complexities of creating a viral pizza, I had to know one thing: What is the crust?

While some outlets have compared it to a sugar cookie, I didn't find it sugary at all.

It tastes more like a light pizza crust with just the right amount of chewiness.

Macy Daniela Martin

According to the wildly creative chef, the ingredients are simply "flour, egg, yeast, salt, and olive oil." That's it.

The sweetness comes into play with the layer of icing and the sugary candy toppings, making it a must-try after dinner and drinks.

Macy Daniela Martin

Speaking of dinner and drinks, the folks at Industry Kitchen were kind enough to send out a few cocktails and savory menu items for me to try alongside my new favorite pizza — including a scrumptious chargrilled octopus dish, watermelon salad, grilled calamari salad, and chilled berry soup. Delicious!

As for everything else you can expect from Industry Kitchen, Chef Bunay tells me he wants to keep raising the bar and experiment with new recipes.

"Maybe Pop Ravioli with gold or platinum pasta," he says.

I can't wait to visit again.