No One Can Decide What Color This Jacket Is

by Anna Menta


Guys, there's another f*cking dress on the scene. You know THAT dress. The one that messed with our perceptions of color and reality exactly a year ago??? Like, literally, the EXACT SAME DAY, a year later.

YUP, there's another one. Tumblr user poppunkblogger posted a picture of a friend's jacket, which is apparently a white and blue jacket. Take a look:

DOES THAT LOOK WHITE AND BLUE TO YOU??? I definitely see brown and black. But according a BuzzFeed poll, a lot of y'all see blue and white? And some weirdos even see green and gold???

I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO THINK ANYMORE. I'm not ready for this. It's TOO SOON, you hear? I'm still recovering from that damn dress (which, by the way, I only ever saw as blue and black because I see color CORRECTLY, dammit.)

Also WHY is it on the exact same date as the societal melt down last year? What the F*CK does this mean???


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