Is This Guy Wearing Pants Or Is He Half-Naked? (Photo)

Jamie Higdon “leggins ain't pants” Randolph would not approve.

A new post on the Facebook group “Passenger Shaming” has users astounded as to whether or not the man or woman speaking to a receptionist in the photo is wearing any pants.

The answer could be flesh-colored leggings and unfortunate shadows, but hard to say for certain.

Caption this...Passenger Shaming Posted by Passenger Shaming on Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Commenters quickly flooded the photo with possible explanations.

Some insisted the individual was wearing leggings.

Some put their money on the odds this was a Winnie the Pooh-inspired look.

Others stood by and watched insanity and perplexity swallow everyone whole.

Another year, another great mystery left unsolved.

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