This Is The Gross Thing That Happens Your Skin When You Wear Makeup To The Gym

Antonio Diaz

We all know that forgetting to take off your makeup before bed can wreck havoc on your complexion.

But did you know that sleeping in a full face of foundation isn't the only way you can seriously screw up your skin?

Apparently, hitting the gym with a done-up face can also have some pretty ugly consequences.

Yep, if you happen to have a bad habit of forgetting to wash your face before sweating it out at spin class or tossing some tin at the gym, you might want to consider switching up your pre-workout routine.

New York-based dermatologist Heidi Waldorf, M.D., recently told InStyle that mixing makeup with sweat can cause something seriously gross to happen to your skin.

According to Waldorf,

Makeup can cause inflammation and clog the pores. During a workout, you sweat and wipe away that sweat. Even non comedogenic makeup will 'float' and move toward the pores, which will aggravate acne.

So while wearing a little makeup to the gym may not seem like a big deal, sweating with your makeup on can actually cause you to break out for days to come.

Unfortunately, the same goes for makeup that claims to be "oil-free" and "gym-friendly," too.

If you're wondering what's the best way to avoid these gym-induced breakouts, the answer is simple.

All you have to do is thoroughly wash your face and remove all makeup before each workout.

If worse comes to worst and you can't find the time or a sink to wash your face, Dr. Waldorf told Instyle,

"If you can't wash before working out, or if you feel self-conscious, be sure to wipe it off very well afterward. You want your skin to feel soft and supple immediately after, then follow with your moisturizer and sunscreen as you normally would."

So long story short, if you want your skin to look just as good as your gym bod, it's important to start each workout with a squeaky clean complexion.

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