Watch A 56-Year-Old Man Talk To His 18-Year-Old Self (Video)

Do you ever wish you could talk with your younger self? Maybe to warn yourself about that boy, or to intervene before 16-year-old you does something really stupid?

We all do. But writer Peter "Stoney" Emshwiller actually did.

In 1977, a then-18-year-old Emshwiller filmed a video of himself asking questions like “are you rich?” and “are you married?”

Thirty-eight years later, he finally answered his own questions for a short film called “Later That Same Life.”

The film is edited so it seems like 1977 Emshwiller and 2015 Emshwiller are actually having a conversation.

It's funny, interesting and really well-edited.

Check out a clip from the video, up top, and head here for more.

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