Waitress Caught Having Sex With Customer At Cafe By Co-Worker

Fun fact: I spent a long time waitressing at bars throughout college, and you better believe I came across a few customers that were sexy AF.

But no matter how attractive they were, I had to keep my cool. A little flirting here and there is about as far as it went.

Why? Because 1) My bosses were camera-happy and tracked every move we made, and 2) I was too broke to risk losing my job over a cute guy.

I definitely NEVER considered bringing a dude into the restaurant after closing time to have sex with him, but this chick did.


Metro reported a waitress was caught having sex with a male customer outside of the cafe she worked at in northeast Thailand.

They allegedly waited until the restaurant closed and then started getting freaky around 11:20 pm.

Unfortunately for them, their entire sexcapade was caught on CCTV.

The security camera caught the waitress having sex with a male customer with long hair. They were allegedly sitting in a chair outside the cafe (kinky, I know).

Things got awkward REAL fast when one of the girl's co-workers passed by while the two were doing the dirty.

When the woman realized she'd been caught, she quickly stepped off the man and shamefully collected her belongings.

Thankfully, her coworker took it like a champ and barely acknowledged their presence.


At this point, the waitress might've thought she was in the clear -- but not all of her co-workers were as kind as that one was.

One staff member -- who apparently asked to remain anonymous -- leaked the footage earlier this month, and boy, did it go viral.

The person who shared the video allegedly said,

The man had been waiting until after the bar closed. They thought it was quiet and that nobody would disturb them. Unfortunately for them, there are cameras everywhere. They could have just waited another 30 minutes and found a room.


Really, though, this girl is probably mortified by the footage. I know I would be.

If I was in her shoes, I'd probably try to find a new job.

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