This Touching Video Is Helping A Homeless Father Give His Son A New Life

In order to provide a better life for his son, James Moss moved from New York to Denver with a pre-arranged job and living accommodations waiting for him when he arrived.

The latter of the two ended up not working out, leaving Moss and his 1-year-old son, Zhi, homeless in an unfamiliar city with limited options, few resources and no car.

A few days into this ordeal, he ran into author and philanthropist Leon Logothetis, who has been traveling the world promoting kindness through his #GoBeKind Tour.

During their meeting, Moss told his story to Logothetis. He said,

You have to be brought down to your humblest point so you can appreciate other things that are waiting for you.

Admiring Moss' spirit and connection to his son, Logothetis decided he was the perfect candidate to throw some good karma at in the Denver leg of his tour. He handed the father $1,000 and offered to put him up in a hotel for the week.

A video of the exchange was uploaded to Logothetis' YouTube page and almost immediately went viral, prompting Kayla Heskett from Goodland, Kansas to start a GoFundMe campaign that has raised an additional $34,000 for the Moss family so far.

This story has the happiest ending of all time, by the way.

Moss is reportedly no longer living in a shelter, and his boss is letting him take Zhi to work until he finds affordable childcare.

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