Viral Video Of Baby Wiggling Out Of Mom's Womb By Himself Will Blow Your Mind


Welcome to England: The magical land of Yorkshire tea and free childbirth (you know, the way it should be).

Giving birth looks like a much better experience in the UK. Not only does it cost you nothing, midwives let you blast your favorite tunes in the theater and babies crawl out of wombs themselves.

No joke.

There's a video currently doing the rounds you need to check out.

It shows a cesarean where the baby literally wriggles out of his mom's womb.

Warning: This video is as graphic as it gets.

The video was posted on Facebook by Sophie Messager.

She explained how her friend "had the most gorgeous gentle cesarean" because she gave her doctor a checklist of things vital for her childbirth.

Sophie wrote,

These were the mother's wishes: • no drapes • walking out of the baby to help clear lungs • delivery to chest if cord allowed • cord left to stop pulsing before cutting • no weighing or measuring until family ready • baby to stay on mum until she was ready to part (it was 6 hours). Even when pat sliding to transfer. • own music • lights reduced On top of that, the anaesthetist lifted the mother's shoulders and someone held a mirror to help view the birth.

*Everyone reading this applies to become UK citizen*