Viral Fitness Mom Reveals How She Deals With All The Rude Comments

by Anna Menta

Apparently, some people on the Internet think it's cool to verbally attack fit moms, like Chontel Duncan, because some people are the worst.

Last month, Australian fitness instructor Chontel Duncan posted an Instagram that went viral. The photo showed the amazing difference between her pregnant body and her friend's pregnant body.

Even cooler, Chontel posted a series of photos tracking her baby bump's progress. And then, after she gave birth, she shared a photo of her post-birth bod. Spoiler alert: It's rockin'. Unfortunately, people, being people, reacted with a lot of negative criticism, including accusing Chontel of making unhealthy choices for her child. Chontel said she never expected the photo to get so big or receive such negative attention.

After facing the backlash, Chontel spoke to Elle about dealing with that criticism and her own self-confidence. She said,

I knew what I was doing was correct, safe and beneficial for me and my pregnancy and my baby. If anything, I feel bad for commenters for leaving those words.

Chontel said she felt pressured by commenters to take a photo of her body right after giving birth, which she did, though she did not post it right away. But, she is proud of how her body looks now and then.

Chontel said,

I think I may not have got ginormous hips, I may not have got crazy stretch marks, but my body still went through a pregnancy. I look at it, and it's so different, but it's so beautiful at the same time because I carried my own child, and I know how much of a gift that is.

Read the full interview with Elle to get the whole scoop.

Now, Chontel is back up in the gym, working on her fitness as per usual. Did you think she was going to let the haters stop her from being a badass?

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