This Powerful Video Reveals What It's Like To Be A Child With Autism


Autism is complex, and without a proper understanding of it, it can be seen as a behavioral defect rather than a developmental condition.

To help raise awareness, the United Kingdom's National Autistic Society created a video showing the world through the eyes (and ears) of an autistic boy.

In the video, a young boy is led through a busy shopping center by his mother. The sights and sounds are overwhelming to his senses: Everything is too bright, too loud, too much. It becomes so overwhelming that, halfway through the mall, he breaks down, covering his ears and howling in frustration.

In a solo shot, the boy reminds the viewer,

I'm not naughty. I'm autistic.

Although simple, the ad is intensely powerful. It is often said you can't really know a person until you walk a mile in his shoes. In this case, a few steps through a shopping mall is sufficient.

Watch the powerful PSA up top and learn more about autism at the National Autistic Society.

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