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This Video Defines All Of Us Who DGAF About The Super Bowl This Weekend

I explained yesterday how little I care about the Super Bowl (spoiler alert: I do not care at all).

Considering my anti-Super Bowl feelings are definitely in the minority (something like 114 million people tuned in to “the big game” last year), I thought I'd give you all a lesson on how it feels to be surrounded by crazy football fans when you'd rather be pretty much anywhere else. Like Soviet Russia. Or maybe North Korea. Seriously, anywhere else.

So, here it is.

This video, produced by News Cult, does a pretty solid job of showing what Super Bowl apathy feels like.

Watch it. Learn it. Feel my pain (and the pain of the whopping 58 other people who've watched it so far). Oh, and in case you haven't guessed — no, I'm not watching the game, and no, I don't care who wins.