Using The Same Water Bottle Twice May Be As Gross As Drinking From A Toilet


Would you rather lick a toilet seat, or drink from a water bottle you've already used a couple of times?

Easy! Right?

Wrong. It turns out that those reusable water bottles have the potential to carry more bacteria than a toilet seat.

Research carried out by found that straw-top bottles were covered in 25 colony-forming units per square centimeter (CFU/sq cm) of bacteria. This is only two CFU/sq cm less than the average toilet seat at home.

Alarmingly, it gets worse. Much worse.

The average reusable water bottle has 313,499 CFU/sq cm.

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According to the study, which tested 12 water bottles, the most bacteria-ridden vessel is a slide-top.

This had 933,340 CFU/sq cm. Next was the squeeze-top at 161,971, and then the screw-top at 159,060.

To put this in perspective, the average dog toy has 2,937 CFU/sq cm.

*Throws out every water vessel in house*

Part of the study reads,

Well, that can't be good.