68-Year-Old Veteran Reunites With His Long-Lost Love After 45 Years (Video)

If you're stressing about that relationship that faded away last year, maybe don't because here's a man who reconnected with his ex after 45 years of silence.

US veteran Jim Reischl, now 68, served as a soldier in Vietnam in 1969 where he fell in love with a Vietnamese woman named Nguyen Thi Hanh.

The couple separated when Jim shipped out in 1970, and the two didn't see each other for 45 years.

That was until recently. In a video and an article by The Washington Post, Jim found his long-lost love and recorded the reunion with her, and it's so emotional.

When he opened the door for the reunion, Jim said, “Nice to meet you... again," and Thi Hanh was overwhelmed with emotion.

Though both have their own lives now, Jim and Thi Hanh said they will look together for their child, who Thi Hanh had to give to an orphanage after Jim left Vietnam.

Life is beautiful, and love is real, and I'm crying now. OK, bye.

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