This New App Will Actually Let You Borrow A Dog To Walk And Play With

by Eitan Levine

Finally, an app we can ALL agree on.

There is an untapped market of animal-centric apps that needs to be tapped ASAP.

Airbnb for turtles? Snapchat with just pictures of kittens?

GrubHub for ferrets (to play with, not to eat). Whoever the people are who first invested that money into Facebook, you should probably consider throwing a billion dollars at this new market.

The bridge to a fluffier tech future was recently made a little smaller with the creation of Bark'N'Borrow, a genius hybrid of Uber, Tinder and the movie “Hotel for Dogs.”


Using the app, those looking to score puppy playdates set up their profiles with standard combinations of pictures and personal information that most services or personal apps ask for.

The difference here, though, is after users supply that information, they then have to explain why they want to hang out with a dog and what kind of pooch they're looking for.

The basic app is free, by the way, and only really costs money once actual services are rendered.

After you set up all of your info and pass a company-run background check, all you do is search for dogs in your area, arrange a meet-up and then hope canine sparks fly.

Aside from providing the obvious “I WANT A PUPPY AND I WANT IT GODDAMN NOW” benefits, the app could disrupt the puppy-sitting market.

Bark'N'Borrow enables actual puppy sitters relying on puppy sitting income from puppy sitting jobs the ability to access bigger puppy markets.

Bark'N'Borrow is currently available in Apple's App Store.

Sign me up. Sign me WAY THE EFF up.

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