People Are Sharing All The Hilarious Ways Others Totally Turn Them Off

Twitter is using the hashtag #YouWereSoHotUntil to air out everyone's biggest mating grievances, and each one is SPOT ON.

Having someone do something that leads you from thinking “I want a solid chunk o’ this hotayyyyyy” to “ew, get this garbage troll away from me” is not an uncommon occurrence for Millennials.

We’ve all been talking to someone whom we can see ourselves getting intimate with only to have our (gender-neutral) boner deflated because he or she did something physically horrific or talked about how Planned Parenthood was the REAL terrorist in this country.

Twitter users are sharing their biggest courting pet peeves, appropriately using the hashtag #YouWereSoHotUntil.

These people would make me set my genitals on fire.

Nothing ruins sex drive more than betrayal.

These people shouldn’t be allowed to procreate.


Even animal rights activists are getting in on the fun!

Also, there was like a weird amount of people who took this opportunity to stick it to Marlboro.

#YouWereSoHotUntil I saw that cigarette in your mouth. — Gregory Pizarro Jr. (@gregpizarrojr) November 5, 2015
#YouWereSoHotUntil you lit up a cigarette. — Daniel Bostic (@debostic) November 5, 2015
#YouWereSoHotUntil you pulled out a cigarette. — Josh Rado (@jrado95) November 5, 2015

Everyone, go forth with this knew knowledge and continue being hot until the very end.