Twitter Is At War Over Guy's Chipotle "Hack" That Lets Him Build His Own Burrito

by Brenda Santana
Joe Raedle/ Getty Images

Food choices are a polarizing topic. While you might enjoy your sandwiches cut down the middle, your friends may be the diagonal types.

On the other hand, you may be the hot-sauce-in-your-bag-swag type of gal, while your pals might be more into muted flavors.

But no food in the world gets people more riled up than Chipotle, and this tweet proves it.

When it comes to Chipotle orders, folks get really intense depending on what their preference is -- and no one knows that better than Twitter user Josh Williams.

Williams took to Twitter to share his clever Chipotle "hack," and the Twitterverse doesn't know how to handle it.

On July 2, Josh Williams wrote, "Started asking the folks at Chipotle to individually package my ingredients so I can assemble it all at home. Am I weird? Or brilliant?" The viral post has already received more than 7,000 likes.

The clever Tweet has also received tons of comments from users who just don't know how to feel about Williams' hack.

"This is not right man. Trust the process."

But Williams clapped back at Twitter user @Johnolilly with some cold hard facts.

It makes so much sense now! Williams has Chipotle employees go through this tedious process because he lives 45 minutes away from the nearest restaurant, and he doesn't want a soggy burrito when he gets home.

Still, many users remain perplexed.

"Do you have a grocery store near you?"

But it wasn't all hate, Williams Tweet also had a few backers.

"Brilliant... fabulous idea!"

Chipotle-gate has definitely ruffled a few feathers. Some users even brought up the fact using so many different plastic containers would be harmful to the environment. Let's just hope Williams recycles!

And, yes, Williams could've easily gone to the grocery store to pick up all of these ingredients, but that wouldn't have made for an awesome viral Twitter moment.