Trump's Presidency Was Predicted By A Man In 2012 And It Saved Him $2000

by Hope Schreiber

Well, it looks like Donald Trump's presidency isn't just helping out oil companies and white supremacists! *Waits for the hate mail to flood it, it is my lifeblood.*

Way back in 2012, which seems like a far simpler time, Ryan Markowitz lent his brother, Judd, $2,000.

The signed contract stated that no interest would accumulate over the years and should one of the many wild circumstances happen the payment would be waived.

Ryan recently found the contract between the two brothers and sent it to Judd, who posted it on his Twitter.


While some of the circumstance are dark (like Judd losing a limb), most of them seem totally impossible.

The New York Jets winning the Super Bowl in 2013? As a Jets fan, this upsets me.

Other impossible predictions include Judd fathering septuplets and Donald Trump becoming president in 2016.

Hahahahahaa... oh God, oh god... It hurts.

While Judd could argue he no longer has to pay, there is a technicality -- Trump didn't actually move into the White House, or become president, until 2017. He was just elected in 2016.

Judd tweeted:

People are pointing out obvious flaws in the contract. I'm no lawyer, and my brother is a man of honor, and we can on agree on intent.

So it looks like this contact is still being honored.

It may seem like this is a wild prediction that just happened to come true, but Trump was already eyeing presidency back in 2012.

He was atop the Republican polls before he decided not to run against Obama. He was hesitant about giving up his job as host on "The Celebrity Apprentice."

Of course, in 2012 Trump, who won the electoral college vote but lost the popular vote by three million, was sending out tweets like this when he thought Obama lost the popular vote (he did not).

Ah, the more things change the more they stay the same.

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