Trump's Outreach To Millennials Hilariously Backfires On Twitter


Donald J. Trump Jr., the son of the Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, recently took to his Instagram to post a photo of all the Millennials who are out there rooting for his father.

There are three, and they're all Trump's children.

According to a number of polls, most Millennials think Trump is inexperienced and lacks leadership skills and compassion. And guess what, Millennials are the largest living generation in the US.

Suck it, baby boomers! We're number one! We're number one!

I mean, there's a number of funny things about this photo.

For instance, the picture says "students for Trump" when everyone in the photo damn well knows they're over 30. If I saw Donald Jr. in my remedial math class I would ask what the nearly 40-year-old man was doing there.

(Note: You can go to college at any age, no shame in that game. Just throwing shade at the Trumps.)

I could go on about why this is just a straight up miss for the campaign, but why do the work when Twitter already does my job of writing jokes better than I do?

A true nightmare...

Many are seeing similarities between Trump's children and "Village of the Damned."

10 out 10, I would watch this.


Cue up some Huey Lewis.

This is the photo before the retouching.

The most dangerous game...

And it is just the same note...

Hey, you guys...

"Hey, dad, do you have a favorite?"

"Honestly, I'm just so happy to see the sun."