More Millennials Hate Donald Trump Than We Thought, According To New Poll


Donald Trump has been slipping significantly in the polls after the Republican National Convention, with polls showing him behind in every swing state.

Considering his campaign and his identity run on a fuel of winning, it would not be a surprise if this downward trend continued.

A recent USA Today/Rock the Vote poll has Hillary Clinton ahead of Donald Trump by a staggering 36 points among voters under 35. Donald Trump clocks in at only 20 percent with that group, whereas Hillary is getting 56 percent.

The percentage of Millennials who were likely to vote in November while Bernie Sanders was running dropped since he bowed out, but in general, Sanders supporters have begun to rally around Hillary, with approximately 72 percent of his supporters now saying they'll vote for Hillary. Eleven percent support Trump, and another 11 percent are not sure whether they'll vote or not.

Rock the Vote

Losing, big or small, is Kryptonite to Donald Trump. For proof, look no further than his hair swirl.

Trump's devotion to not losing his hair is, at this point, akin to a man worshipping a piece of religious iconography believed to have magical “I AM NO LONGER BALDING” properties.

But in spite of his efforts to not lose, Trump is losing Millennials. One of the big takeaways from the poll is how badly the RNC hurt Trump among them.

According to USA Today, a majority of Millennials (a staggering 2-to-1 ratio) said the event made Trump seem less human and accessible, while at least 50 percent said it made him seem less presidential, less credible and less trustworthy.

Lastly, the poll found the number one reason Millennial voters give for supporting Hillary is she has the experience to lead, whereas the number one reason Millennial Trump supporters give for supporting him is to keep Hillary out of office.

It's true a lot of Trump's base is comprised of middle-aged white men, a constituency that, of course, is not to be underestimated -- they have, after all, pretty much run this country -- and many others -- for the past infinity years.

But, the white, male stranglehold on politics, especially in presidential elections, faltered in the last decade, and Donald Trump's campaign will need the votes of the younger generation, women and other races, to have a chance against Hillary in November.

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