This Travel App Helps You Feed Your Wanderlust Like The Bloggers You Envy

The new era of blogging has brought with it the undying concept of wanderlust. We scour social media for inspiration from our favorite influencers looking for some sign that urges us, "Just go! Buy the plane ticket and get out of town!"

It's reality that usually grounds us, but we're sufficiently satisfied with the overdose of eye candy in the form of tropical islands and overseas destinations to leave the actual traveling to the bloggers fortunate enough to do so for a living.

One such blogger, Kat Tanita of "With Love From Kat," has found a way to capitalize on her brand, further her career and help us commoners turn our daydreams into a magical reality.

Combining personal experiences, popular travel destinations and photos from her own Instagram, Tanita released a travel app to help the older Millennial demographic curate and achieve the travel itineraries they've been searching for.

With Love From Kat, the app, is an experience unlike the common travel-planning and ratings sites like Expedia, Yelp and more.

Of the travel app, Tanita told Bazaar,

The app is geared towards 25 to 35 year-old ambitious, jet setters looking for that off the beaten path cafe in Florence, one of a kind vintage store in Paris and hidden beach in St. Barths. It's extremely curated so you won't be overwhelmed with hundreds of recommendations. Instead, you'll find 10 or so tested and approved restaurants, shops and hotels per city that I've personally been to and had a wonderful experience at.

The initial version of the app showcases 15 of Tanita's most-traveled cities including New York, Capri, Paris and Nantucket and each destination features her personal suggestions for places to eat, stay, explore, wear, shop and relax. She expects to add major cities like Tokyo, Sydney and Marrakech to the list soon.

So, if you were looking for a reason to take another tired trip to do some lame sightseeing, stop yourself. There's more to life, and with Tanita's app, the world is literally in your fingertips. Wheels up!