Tinder's New 'Share' Button Will Let You Hook Up Your Friends

If you've ever come across someone on Tinder whom you know would make a great match for your friend, the dating app is making it easier than ever to connect the two potential lovers — by using you as a middleman.

According to Mashable, Tinder is testing out a feature called the "share" button that allows users to share profiles with other users, in the hopes of facilitating a match.

The "share" button appears on the profile of users who have the feature turned on. Once clicked, it produces a link to their profile that can be shared via text message. Recipients of the link can then swipe right or left on the profile, depending on if they like what they see.

Each link, Mashable reports, is temporary: It'll expire after 5 clicks or 72 hours, whichever comes first. This prevents users from being pranked and bombarded by messages from "interested" parties.

As mentioned above, the feature is only being tested, so there's a possibility it won't stay on forever. So, if you're interested, test it out now — and if you're not, be sure to turn off the "share" feature in settings.

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