Girl Throws Epic Tantrum When Guy Texts Her Before Reading Rules In Tinder Bio


Before you swipe right on Tinder, make sure you read the fine print. Otherwise, you might wind up on the receiving end of an insane tantrum, like this poor guy did.

Out of the treasure trove of Tinder screenshots that has produced classic hits like "Women Rejects Guy, Guy Becomes Gold Medalist," comes a newer and funnier comedy entitled "Girl Wilds Out On Match For Weirdest Reasons."

It all starts with this incredible bio from a 21-year-old woman named Spencer.


No social "medias" and "Digital Dreams Tickets" for $10: OK, I got it.

But this guy didn't. He also didn't appear to understand much of what Spencer said when she sent him her initial message.

From the beginning, she interrogated him as if he was a criminal.


Yeah, from the start, Spencer threw a crazy tantrum. Her match's nice guy humor also did nothing to calm her down.

The guy pretty much went out of his way to not provoke her any further. But she went on sending him a dissertation in MLA format about why he's going "to hell."


I have to give credit to this guy, though. He somehow restrained himself, and just resorted to mockery instead.


Yeah, guess he unmatched her after THAT.

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