Dream Company Will Pay You To Cuddle With Panda Cubs, So Get Your Resume Ready


The Panda Center at China's Wolong National Nature Reserve is home to some seriously fluffy giant pandas, and the wildlife center actually hires lucky humans to spend time with them as cubs. In a now-viral video posted by BBC Breakfast on Twitter, you can see an employee dressed as a panda cuddling with pandas... and we need this job.

Just like that, this career might have my former dream job of being a kitten cuddler beat.

BBC Breakfast explained the precious scenario in its initial (now viral) tweet, writing,

Best job in the world! Cuddling panda cubs - dressed up to help them learn to live without humans.

The video features three tiny cubs, a human wearing a giant panda costume, and lots of playtime. The costumed human can be seen in every cuddly position from nuzzling up against the cubs' noses to clutching their fury bodies while they nibble on the faux fur outfit.

From a distance, the human almost looks like a real-life mama panda.

And that's the point of the reintroduction program at Wolong National Nature Reserve. Basically, the baby panda keepers dress up to reduce the amount of human interaction the cubs get ahead of their inevitable release into the wild.

I'm assuming the costume smells like a giant panda, too?

Either way, I'd gladly smell like a panda if it meant snuggling with little ones all day... and getting paid for it. A similar job posting listed a $32K salary, which is not too shabby for such an enriching duty.

As you can imagine, Twitter promptly melted over the moment.

"Got any vacancies?"

How does one arrive at this incredible life stage?

Like, we need this job.

"The Simpsons predicted it."

We should've known!

It's all just too much.

BRB, I'm updating my resume.