The Future That Liberals Want' Meme Is Best Thing On The Internet Right Now

by John Haltiwanger

A far-right Twitter user attempted to condemn and ridicule liberals with a photo, and it backfired in the most beautiful way.

"This is the future that liberals want," is the best thing on the internet right now because of an ignorant, intolerant troll.

So, judging from this image, one might say this guy thinks liberals want a future where people get to be who they are in public without being bothered.

Sign me up!

While this tweet was clearly meant to be insulting, liberals immediately responded by simply stating, "Yeah, pretty much. That is what we want."

This Twitter user summed it up perfectly.

And then people started tweeting memes — glorious memes.

"Gay Space Communism" sounds dope.

I salute this tweet.

Dogs and cats getting along and wearing sunglasses? Beautiful.

Go, go Power Rangers!

Superheroes? Yes, please!


Dogs rule, bigots drool.

More dogs, because dogs.

Let's get weird.

Nicely done.

Gotta catch 'em all.


Mediate also contacted the drag queen, Gilda Wabbit, who was featured in the original image that sparked this amazing trend.

Wabbit told Mediate she found the attention the "simple picture" is getting is "interesting."

She added,

I've been attempting to ignore the negative feedback it's received, although some friends have been sending me screenshots. The positive comments have been thrilling, though! I'm reminded that the country was utterly divided during this election, and there is so much hope for the future still left in our country. I won't speak for all liberals, but I'd like to see a future where it isn't a big deal for a woman in full modesty garb to sit next to a drag queen in New York City. It's become a bit of a sensation, but her and I were just existing. The freedom to simply be yourself in a sea of people who aren't like you is a freedom we all deserve.

Well said.

Gilda for president?

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