Texts People Wish They Sent Their First Loves Will Give You All The Feels

Handwritten letters that never got sent are things of the past, and the new tool of lost love is, of course, unsent texts.

There is a sort of poetry to be found in those late-night, misspelled messages from the heart. Röra Blue, a 19-year-old artist and blogger, highlights that poetry in her #unsentproject on Instagram.

On her website, Röra says the project is a way to provide people opportunities to say what they might want to say to their first loves -- without actually having to send the texts and regret ever owning phones.

She accepts submissions of texts people would want to send to their first loves and also asks for colors to associate with those people. She then prints out a physical copy of each text.

Despite the fact the layout looks like what my mom probably thinks texting still looks like, a lot of the messages are pretty touching.

Röra now has printed-out texts from nearly 25,000 people, according to her Instagram.

Some are heartbreaking...

Others are light-hearted and fun...

...and some wonder if breakfast burritos could have changed everything.

Many are filled with regret...

Some are pretty empowering...

...and some are weird but tragically romantic.

The whole thing really strikes a chord...

...and exposes the human in us all.

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