You Can Pull Epic Text Pranks On All Your Friends If You Updated Your iPhone

Mattia Pelizzari

I don't have the new iOS update for the iPhone yet (I'm lazy, don't judge), but some of the new texting features are pretty awesome. But others are straight-up creepy.

A lot of new messaging apps also came out along with the update, including Phoneys, which lets you hilariously prank your friends by putting words in their mouth.

Here's how it works: Phoneys is a sticker app that lets you send stickers that look exactly like iMessage bubbles. The update allows you to put stickers on top of text messages so you can interact and react in more ways than just words and excessive amounts of emojis.

The stickers have funny sentences that your buddies would probably never say in real life like, "You're 100% right," or "You're hilarious." To your friend, it will look like they have texted these thoughts to you.

I think this app would work especially well for pranking parents, who aren't known to be the most technologically savvy anyway. Some of the stickers say things like, "You're the best kid a parent could ask for," or "Who cares if it's a school night, stay out as late as you want!"

You can also make your friends admit they have terrible taste in music or root for an awful sports team.

Not everyone knows how stickers work in iOS 10 yet, so take advantage of your unaware friends while you can. People show their true colors when they feel like their phones are being hacked.

If only this app let you actually personalize the stickers, then you could do some real damage.

Using Phoneys to prank friends is a much better thing to do than accidentally texting them "My Little Pony" porn. (Yes, that's a thing.)

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