Apple's New iOS 10 Update Has The Creepiest Way Of Storing Your Photos

As of Tuesday, iOS 10 will be available for download on multiple Apple mobile devices, which means it's that time of year again to talk about users' favorite subject: new stuff.

One feature, for instance, allows you to select individual contacts who you wouldn't mind sharing read receipts with. Another feature lets you draw on photos Snapchat style before sending them to friends.

And while many features have a legitimate case for being the best, there's no doubt which one of them is the creepiest: iOS 10's "Photos" app will use facial recognition to organize your pictures into albums that you are in, via a new feature called "Memories."

Apple exec Craig Federighi walked through the feature at the company's recent media event.

This means your iPhone can now automatically detect certain faces in photos and arrange them accordingly.

According to Apple, via CNET's Jason Cipriani, iOS achieves this by going through 11 billion computations recognizes faces, places and certain objects.

Because of the capabilities of the "Memories" feature, you can even search for specific photos by typing in a certain object that was in the photo, like a basketball or, as Cipriani pointed out, a trophy.

It sounds both pretty useful and — let's be real — low-key sketchy at the same time. But don't worry, Apple says that the introduction of this feature will not come at the expense of the user's privacy, for whatever that's worth.

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