This Teen Is Developing A 'Smart Gun' To Reduce Gun Violence (Video)

As gun violence continues to soar to an all-time high, one teen is doing everything he can to find a solution by creating the world's first smart gun.

The gun, which 18-year-old Kai Kloepfer has been developing for more than three years, will have fingerprint-ID technology to allow for the weapon's owner — and only the weapon's owner — to use it safely.

In an Indiegogo campaign, Kloepfer explains (through a series of well-designed graphics) 70 percent of shootings involving a child also involve an unsecured gun, while 82 percent of child suicides involving a gun are committed using a family member's weapon.

By developing a smart gun, Kloepfer hopes to decrease both accidental shooting deaths and deaths resulting from unlawful possession of firearms.

It's a brilliant idea — but one that's going to need a lot of funding to make a reality. So far, Kloepfer raised $8,725, but he needs at least $72,000 to create his first prototype.

You can learn more about the technology in the video below, and head to IndieGoGo to read more and back the campaign.

Kai Kloepfer on YouTube