Tall Teen Gives Business Cards To Anyone Asking His Height

Imagine being so tall that people are always asking you about your height.

Now you know what it's like to be Mount Everest...



Well, one 17-year-old by the name of Logan feels Everest's pain.

Logan has been asked how tall is he so often that he created business cards to shame any and all who ask him the same dumb questions he always gets bothered with.


You hear that, all you gawkers out there?

Pointing out someone's inherent height is not exactly the pinnacle of being observant.

The weather is just "perfect" up at 6'7". Just leave this dude alone, would ya? HE'S NOT IN THE NBA, K?!

The same person who received the card above also posted a side-by-side with Logan, along with the caption,

@mamaheffa he's really 6'7 lol

Check out the tweet for yourself.


According to Select All, Logan bought 100 of these bad boys all for the small fee of just $10.

I repeat: he only spent a Hamilton on 100 cards. Wait, let me do some quick math...


A dime for one business card? WHERE DO I SIGN UP? SERIOUSLY, WHAT IS THIS? THE 1920s?

Unfortunately, Logan's card supply is running low, which means that people keep asking him the same ol' questions again and again and again.

Ugh, people, am I right?

Can someone start a Kickstarter on his behalf? I'm willing to spend a hefty 300 to 400 cents. Consider that an investment, Logan.

I remember being in the top 99 percent height-wise when I was in fourth grade, and I got asked about my height all day, every day.

I'm glad that Logan has a sick comeback ready and waiting for those asking him the same question on repeat.

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