This Paddleboarder Got Smacked By A Shark While Riding A Wave


'Sharknado' is real — at least it is in Jupiter, Florida.

A man named Maximo Trinidad was paddleboarding during his lunch break in the seaside town when, out of nowhere, a shark shot out of the water and knocked him off his board.

The seasoned surfer told local news station WPTV he wasn't scared to see the shark. He recalls,

As soon I saw that big, beautiful animal jumping next to me, everything went into slow motion. I didn't want to be on top of it and [it] think I was a fish. Everything was so surreal.

He further described the experience as “awesome.”

According to experts, the shark was likely a spinning shark, common in Florida's waters. They don't typically feast on humans, but can still pack a nasty bite if agitated.

Fortunately, Trinidad wasn't hurt — and he got some pretty sick GoPro footage to commemorate the near-attack.

Check it out up top.

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