A Photo Of A Supermarket Birthday Cake Is Going Viral For The Best Reason


In the wake of Black Friday, let's reflect upon a brief moment when consumers were not the scourges of the Earth.

Lisa Sarber Aldrich stopped into her local Meijer, a Midwestern grocery chain, to pick up a birthday cake.

When Aldrich asked the woman working at the supermarket's bakery to write on the cake, the woman agreed and, after a bit of a wait, handed Aldrich the finished product below.

In a post on Facebook, Aldrich recalled the interaction with the woman. She wrote,

Meijer employees caught a glimpse of the cake at self-checkout and alerted a manager.

Aldrich wrote,

In the three days since posting her story, the cake customer saw her post shared over 94,000 times.

As for the bakery employee, Aldrich assured people she was not reprimanded.

In a comment on the post, she added,

Die-hard deal finders may want to remember this tale each time they consider clotheslining fellow shoppers over toasters on clearance.