Teacher Shames Kids For Missing Class With Exam Question


We have a new contender for Teacher of the Year: He ingeniously shamed his students with a surprise question on their quarterly exam.

The question was completely unrelated to their studies. So, it could only be answered by the students who had actually made the effort to come to class.

Hmm. You're tricky, sir.

After not taking attendance for the entire semester, the clever TA thought it would be hilarious if he tested his students on their ability to simply recognize who he was. But here's the thing: He didn't show up for exam day, so the students had nowhere to look.

A question as simple as this one could either be easy to answer or cause total embarrassment. But if you went to class, you were in the clear.

One student who luckily showed up for class on the reg posted a photo of the exam on Reddit. He displayed a lot of admiration for the teaching assistant's hysterical question.


As for the students who neglected going to class and opted to study at home instead, we wish you the best. Hopefully you guessed wisely, and will re-think playing hooky the next time.