Students Supporting Each Other During Finals In Viral Pic Is Inspirational AF


Listen, is there anyone out there who really enjoys the living hell known as "finals week?"

Take a peek in your thesaurus if you don't believe me — "torture" and "exams" are synonymous with "finals."

Personally, I can't think of a college grad who looks back on his or her four years at the alma mater and has something positive to say about the end-of-the-year crunch time.

Just take a look at this viral photo from Roger Strand, a football and Rugby player at East Texas Baptist University.

Roger and his peers are clearly getting down to serious studying business in the photo he posted to Twitter.


But you should probably take a closer look...


Notice anything peculiar? Does anything strike you as a bit odd?

After all, two students in the back of the photo are sleeping in the middle of their tests with their heads on top of one another -- totally normal. A+ for sure.


Here's the viral post in all of its social media glory.

The tweet has gotten close to 101,000 retweets and over 270,000 likes. No picture I ever took in class got that kind of recognition.

Naturally, a bunch of hysterics were to follow.

Can't say we blame anyone, this is pretty hysterical.

Even our favorite candy brand can agree that finals suck.

We're willing to bet these two fellas become BFFs and show up together to the school's 10-year reunion.

I met my best friend in college when he told me I was sitting outside of the wrong classroom, so you really never know how friendships will come about.


These two buddies are completely relatable.


Ah, the nostalgia.


Though I was never one to nap during my finals — probably because I was too nervous while actually taking them — I have to say, I'm glad these days are long behind me.

Best of luck guys. Hang in there, it's almost summer.

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