Porn Stars Reveal Which Celebrities They Want To Make Sex Tapes With

You know that old question, “Who do barbers go to when they want a haircut?” This video WoodRocket put together is pretty much that -- but with genitals.

If you're in a relationship, you should have a celeb sex list ready at all times. It should be viewed as a cornerstone among people who know they love each other, but also know if they have the opportunity to bang Chris Hemsworth, they go ahead and bang Chris Hemsworth guilt-free.

Porn stars are positioned to take this concept a bit further, as they are pros at doing stuff in front of a full camera crew.

I assume all porn stars who are in relationships have celeb sex-video lists ready at all times, so if they're in situations where they can get adult movie'd by Chris Hemsworth, they can go ahead and get adult movie'd by Chris Hemsworth guilt-free.

Mad props to that woman who wants to make a three-way movie with Trey Parker and Matt Stone. That's an A+ expert-level answer. Also, silver medal to that woman who wants to have sex with "Uma Thurma."